Our Story


Daniel and Bonnie met on OkCupid. Her profile picture covered half of her face and only showed her smile. His first message to her was "Hi there. I feel really awkward, but may I see a full picture? Thanks!" Bonnie browsed his profile and thought to herself, "out of all the guys that messaged me, this guy looks normal." They messaged back and forth for a week before deciding to meet up at a Starbucks in Fremont at 5pm on Monday. Pro-tip: meet at a coffee shop before dinner time so you can use dinner plans as an excuse to leave if things don't go well. Bonnie almost chickened out, but Shandra forced her to go. (Thanks Shandra!) Before Daniel and Bonnie knew it, the Starbucks barista was announcing they were closing. They had managed to talk for 5 hours without even knowing it, and ended up talking another half hour standing in the parking lot. Afterwards, Bonnie discovered she had a million missed calls from Shandra because she thought Bonnie might have been murdered.

Since Bonnie was still living in Fremont and hadn't really been to San Francisco, they made plans to hang out that Friday in the city. Instead, they ended up seeing each other every day that week. Bonnie distinctly remembers the first time she ate in front of Daniel was at a Great Steak & Potato in San Bruno. She quickly realized she had made a huge mistake ordering a messy sandwich when everything was falling out of the sandwich and getting all over her face. They watched the third Transformers movie beforehand, and Daniel had wanted to hold Bonnie's hand during the movie but was too shy. When Friday finally arrived, Daniel took her to Humphry Slocombe for Secret Breakfast and Jesus Juice, to Sutro Baths to walk around, to Luna Park for dinner, and to Twin Peaks to hang out. Bonnie had worn flipflops that day and was terrified she was going to trip down the hill at Sutro Baths. Daniel scored extra brownie points because Luna Park had build-your-own smores.

Daniel proposed on May 2nd, 2014 at Levi Strauss Plaza. He told Bonnie they were eating dinner that night at Il Fornaio, which Bonnie was annoyed at because she hates that restaurant. When they started walking towards the restaurant, Daniel started pushing her the opposite way towards the fountain. Daniel led her onto the stepping stones and began saying his speech. He knelt down on one knee at the end of the stepping stones and proposed. She of course said yes! Out of the corner of her eye, she saw something move behind a bush, which turned out to be Shandra, Jackie, Andrew, Bryan, and Sean, who had gone to the fountain earlier that night to help Daniel set up the proposal. They ended up having dinner at E Tutto Qua to celebrate - not Il Fornaio :)