Wedding Party



Bryan is an extremely talented graphics designer (proof - he designed this website!) and one of Daniel's best friends. Daniel and Bryan met 5 years ago during open gym volleyball at San Mateo High School, and Bryan quickly figured out he couldn't block Daniel's hits for the life of him. To this day he still can't. Bryan and Daniel know how to appreciate good food unlike Sean (explanation in his profile) and are great beer pong partners. 3 versus 2? That sounds fair. Daniel can always count on Bryan for his honest opinions, apartment loaded with snacks, and tasty cocktails.



Daniel also met Sean during open gym volleyball. They play almost every week from open gyms to weekend tournaments all over the Bay Area. Sean can throw up the ugliest set for Daniel to hit, but Daniel still manages to make Sean look like a good setter. If they aren't playing volleyball, then they're playing board games or video games. DOTA 2! Sean is easily satisfied with mediocre food (he thinks KFC has the best fried chicken), but Bryan and Daniel have opened Sean's palate to restaurants with amazing food. Daniel can always count on Sean for a good laugh and playing a support character in video games.



Andrew and Bonnie went to the same high school and college. They have been through so many milestones together, from first break-ups to first jobs to first apartments. Andrew has been there for Bonnie during her hardships and she can always count on his infectious laughter and optimistic spirit to make her feel better and to look at the positive side of things. Bonnie is excited for Andrew to finally move into the city and is looking forward to many more laughs to come!



Shandra and Bonnie went to the same high school, but it wasn’t until after Bonnie moved back to Fremont from college that they started getting closer. They discovered just how much they have in common and bonded many nights over tequila shots (sorry Mom), Kit Kat bars, and Jack in the Box. They have seen each other at their worst and their best. Bonnie is super thankful for Shandra’s love and friendship, and it’s only fitting that Shandra’s now in nursing school with her kind spirit. Bonnie is looking forward to the early bird dinners at Denny's with Shandra when they're old and grumpy.



Jackie and Bonnie also went to the same high school, but started hanging out more during college at UCSD. They thought they were so cool drinking Smirnoff Ice freshman year of college. With their mutual love and appreciation of good beer and good food, they always have, as Jackie would put it, “fluffy” moments to share together. Bonnie can always count on Jackie for endless amusing g-chat conversations when she’s bored at work, while Jackie’s kicking butt at being a pharmacy resident. Bonnie is grateful Jackie always answers her questions about medicine interactions.



Gloria and Bonnie met their freshmen year of college at UCSD. Gloria saved Bonnie on a number of occasions from the typical college diet with her amazing cooking and baking skills. Gloria’s kimchi fried rice and banana bread are to die for. Gloria also helped Bonnie when she caught mononucleosis smack dab during college graduation. Gloria is one of the most caring and hardworking people Bonnie knows, and Bonnie is so thankful Gloria will be coming up from Los Angeles to be there for her.



Vera and Bonnie are cousins. They have bonded over the “delight” that is public accounting and their love for Single Barrel and yummy drinks. They are both fortunate enough to have inherited the wonderfully tolerant “Yu-drinking-genes.” Vera is one of the kindest and genuine people Bonnie knows, and Bonnie’s so excited to have been able to become closer to her and that she’ll be a part of this big day.